Calvin Wells III

Character and Experience

“A good leader inspires others with confidence in him. A great leader inspires others with confidence in themselves.”

With over 35 years of experience in the motorsports business, Cal Wells has established himself as a driven leader who achieves results with passion, commitment, and integrity. He prides himself on recognizing the opportunities hidden within businesses that will help them reach their full potential, offering that experience to a wide range of organizations.

Starting with Precision Preparation, Inc. (PPI), a company founded in 1982 with a high school friend and the counsel of his parents, Cal has made his mark in the motorsports industry with an eye for the details. Over the next 25 years, PPI dominated the off-road circuit, fielded multiple cars in open wheel racing and won at the highest level in NASCAR’s Sprint Cup Series. After PPI, Cal successfully lead a complete corporate restructuring of Michael Waltrip Racing as COO and Executive Vice-President.

Now the owner of LNGA Consulting, Cal Wells brings his experiences to businesses in racing, aviation, security, business development and more. No matter what challenges a company faces, Cal Wells and LNGA will tackle them head on. Whether it’s in business, competition, finance, promotions or sales objectives, there is no aspect they cannot help contribute to.


  • Strategy Development
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Senior Management Recruitment
  • Outside Resource Development – Technical, Marketing
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Capital Acquisition


  • Human Resources Program Development
  • Turn-Around Planning and Execution
  • Financial and Accounting Process Review
  • Efficiency Development and Execution
  • Acquisition Analysis and Execution
  • Off-site Leadership Facilitation


  • Sponsor Development
  • Team Development
  • Off-Track Driver Development
  • Contract Review and Development
  • Expert Legal Witness